Our Technology

By utilizing the most advanced technology available, Orange Tree Dental ensures that each patient achieves optimal results. Some of the state of the art technology we have implemented here at our Redlands Dental Office includes 3D Imaging and Zeiss Ceiling Mounted Microscopes in our exam rooms.

Sirona - Orthophos SL 3D Imaging

3D Imaging gives us the ability to look at a 3-dimensional image of your teeth and jaw. This allows us to see in amazing clarity and detail things that we can't see on conventional panoramic and intraoral X-rays, giving us the ability to make a more accurate diagnosis. This technology is as an aid to us in allowing us to plan dental implant treatment and other oral surgery.

Zeiss Ceiling Mounted Microscopes

The ZEISS microscope allows us a closer inspection of your teeth. This allows for an improved detection and evaluation of your oral health.

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